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Your New Favorite Date Night Destination

The gentlemen’s club scene has evolved from the misconception that only men frequent clubs, to an entertainment establishment that is welcoming of all who are just looking for a good night out. Some gentlemen’s clubs, like Lust, offer a variety of entertainment options such as live shows and private dances. Some clubs invest heavily on state-of-the-art light and sound systems, LED TV walls, and celebrity DJs to ensure it is an experience you won’t soon forget.Clubs now provide a night club atmosphere that attracts women and couples, even more so than ever before. Its these things that make gentlemen’s clubs your new favorite date night destination.

If you are under the impression that gentlemen’s clubs are where guys go to leer at naked women as depicted on shows like The Sopranos, movies like Hustlers and music videos with rappers throwing cash all over the dance floor, guess again.

Dinner and a Show

Even if you’re just looking for a dinner date, we’ve got you covered! Gentlemen’s clubs are known as a great place to grab a drink and watch a show, but most people forget about the food. Some gentlemen’s clubs have steakhouses that offer a unique dining experience, like our extensive menu of barbecue, steaks, and savory bites at Lust. Not only are we known for our top-notch service, but we also pride ourselves on the quality of our food.

Amazing food mixed with a classy atmosphere, plus a show? What could be better than that for the perfect date night? Because of this, it’s no shock that gentlemen’s clubs are seeing more and more couples visiting for their date night.

How To Prepare

It’s usually best to communicate with your partner before you go to the gentleman’s club.  Your partner knows what they like and they will appreciate your forethought in trying to make their experience enjoyable.  Let them know that some entertainers will most likely offer you a lap dance first instead of them to see where they stand with nude women dancing for them. But definitely talk before you get to the club so that you both know what you want to get out of your visit. First time for both of you? Check out our blog for some Tips For Your First Time At A Gentlemen’s Club.

Keep in mind, if this is the first time your date will step foot into the new club, education is key. It’s important for them to go in with a little knowledge on what they are getting themselves into. This will ensure that your partner can enjoy the experience with you and hopefully make gentlemen’s clubs a new date night hot spot.

Things to Remember

Now that you and your partner know what they are getting into, its important to know what you do when you actually get there. Behavior is a key factor into enjoying your night at the club. It is important to act normal and comfortable with the entertainment and dancers that you will be interacting with. Seeing this can make your partner feel just as comfortable as you do.

Watching dancers with your partner can be fun, if you learn how to do it.  Just remember that this is all about exploring new forms of entertainment and making your significant other happy. In fact, couple’s report that visiting a gentlemen’s club for the first time can help rekindle their love life. Second, ask them what type of entertainers they would like to see on stage. You may be surprised at how similar you both are in terms of what type of entertainer you’re interested in seeing!

Why Go To Lust For Your Date Night

Lust is your new favorite date night destination. From our high-quality entertainment to top-notch food, gentlemen’s clubs always seem to win when it comes to putting on a show. With private tables and a classy feel, you’ll really feel like a VIP at our gentlemen’s club.

Are you ready to experience what a real gentleman’s club should feel like? If so, then Lust Gentlemen’s Club is the perfect place for you. We have clubs located in both Myrtle Beach and Martinsburg, WV and we know that once you visit us you would never want to go anywhere else. Our gorgeous girls, generous drinks, and perfect vibe create a unique experience that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Get ready for a VIP Night with your crew for your next night out. We’re ready to blow your mind and create the adult entertainment experience of a lifetime at Lust. Book your party with us at Myrtle Beach Lust Gentlemen’s Club or give us a call at 843-839-LUST.

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