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What It Takes To Work For A Gentlemen’s Club

The world of adult entertainment is competitive and can be very lucrative for the right people. You see it all the time in people counting their money after a night of work on social media and the boost of online entertainment in 2023. At Lust Gentlemen’s Club, becoming an entertainer can be a high-income job, attracting all different types of people, and West Virginia is no exception. Whether you’re in between jobs, or looking for a little extra cash on the side, why not work for a gentlemen’s club?

While that question may be a crazy one, there is more to do than just dancing. Waitressing, bartending, even DJing is always sought after in gentlemen’s clubs, and we’re almost certain there’s a job for you. If you’ve been asking yourself if applying for a job in adult entertainment is the right choice, here’s what it takes to work for a Gentlemen’s Club.


Now, no one is saying you have to be able to contort yourself in half. Really, most clubs just ask that you can keep a rhythm with any song playing. One of the most important factors of dancing is knowing your body’s capabilities (and practice). You should be comfortable with how your body looks moving with minimal clothes on. Confidence is key when it comes to working at a gentlemen’s club!

If you’ve never ventured into this line of work, watching some examples can help. There are plenty of movies, instructional videos, and real-life inspiration you can get to learn the basics. It might even be best to stop by Lust Gentlemen’s Club to see some of the action for yourself.


If you are looking to become an adult entertainer make sure you have a signature ‘brand’ that will set you apart. Being hot is definitely part of it, but that won’t get you clients or tips in the long run. You have to be able to sell yourself as a brand. That can mean whatever you want it to mean, from signature moves to eye-catching outfits, charisma, attitude, or a specific personality. Take the time to learn what your audience might want, and the people you want to attract.


This job is not for everyone, hence why we’re telling you what it takes to work for a gentlemen’s club. The most important part of working for a gentlemen’s club is confidence. Are you comfortable in this kind of work? Whether it’s serving drinks in skimpy uniforms, or getting completely naked on stage. You need to feel comfortable and confident before thinking about joining this line of work.

That confidence goes beyond looks, too. Are you comfortable with writing down this job on your resume? Whether you’re waitressing at a fine-dining restaurant or a gentlemen’s club, the work is the same. However, writing “Lust Gentlemen’s Club” as your place of work should be something you are proud of, not embarrassed by. 

At Lust, we strive to create a positive and fun atmosphere for all of our employees. We believe that by providing our staff with opportunities to grow, working in a comfortable environment, and providing them with the tools they need to succeed, we can provide an overall great experience.


From waitressing to dancing, when you work for a gentlemen’s club, you’ll come across plenty of clients who want to start a conversation. Because of that, you’ll have to be able to maintain a positive and professional attitude through the experience. And yes, You will occasionally encounter clients who try to ask you personal questions. Just be ready to respond accordingly, but most clubs will always have security or management to deal with any harassment.

Your clients are paying you for your services, so establishing a relationship with them is a great idea. They are hiring you to do what you do best, and that provides entertainment, so keep a conversation going. The more intimate the better! There is no better way than to integrate your “branding” into your conversation, so try playing this part in how you want all of your clients to perceive you.


Waitressing can be hard no matter where you are, but ever tried to do it in a mini skirt and bra? Time management, organization, and confidence can ensure a great working experience. Working for a gentlemen’s club can be more fast-paced than what you’re used to. With drinks and food constantly in the rotation, you need to remember to stay organized throughout the night. If this is one of your best qualities, working at a club may be a great fit for you.

This goes for dancers, too! Being on time, managing your time getting ready, and ensuring that you reach every potential customer can make or break your night. Organizing your time and belongings is one of the most important characteristics for an entertainer to have.


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