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Unofficial Rules for Ladies Night Out at A Gentlemen’s Club

A gentlemen’s club is a place of social interaction and can be a fun experience for all genders, especially if the patrons interact with one another. While you may think that gentlemen’s clubs are strictly men’s entertainment, you’d be completely wrong! Plant of women love to enjoy a night out with their girlfriends, grab a drink, and take in the club atmosphere. Because of this, just as men have specific rules for how to act, so do women. It is important that women know the rules of etiquette to avoid any issues and maintain safety when at a club. To help you out, here are some unofficial rules for Ladies Night Out at a gentlemen’s club.

Embrace The Dress Code

We know you want to dress your best, but don’t try to impress. Remember that you are attending as a customer at a place that includes working women that are there to keep the attention of the customers. If someone mistakes you for a dancer, that’s not great. Clubs want to make sure that everyone is having a good time, including their employees who are there to work. 


  • Wear basic clothing that makes you feel confident. Cocktail dresses are a great way to look classy in the club without going overboard. you can even keep it simple with a basic tee or blouse and a simple pair of fitted jeans. Don’t wear something that you don’t feel comfortable sitting down in. Remember you’re there to watch the show. 

Do Not:

  • Refrain from wearing anything that the dancers may wear on the regular – like stripper heels. Not only are they uncomfortable for a long night out, but it can be disrespectful to the entertainers working. If you’re an entertainer yourself, leave your dancing shoes at home until it’s time for your shift. 

Be Prepared To Spend

If you’re going out to a club, you are going to spend money! IF you’re not into the idea of spending, maybe plan a girl night in. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be a big spender, but it does help to plan a budget for yourself and your group before heading out for the night. Plan ahead of cover, drinks, and of course, tips for the girls on stage. Some club expenses include:

  • Cover fees ($5-$20)
  • Drink money (this may depend on how much you’re going to drink. Bottle service will be a vastly different price than a few shots at the bar)
  • Tips for entertainers (At least $40+ in ones)
  • Private Dance (if you plan to get private dances, these prices may change based on the entertainers preferences. But it’s important to have a little extra just in case. This can be anywhere from $50 to $1500)

Check Your Guest List

If you’re planning a girls night out, keep it to a girl’s night out! Leave your significant other at home. Unless you are both comfortable and mature enough to handle the environment you’re walking into, keep your guest list to just your girlfriends. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can never bring your partner to the club. Gentlemen’s clubs can make great date nights – but if you’re looking for a strictly girl’s night out, maybe its best to keep the boyfriend at home.

Don’t Dance

This one is short and simple. If you’re looking to dance the night away, try going to a night club. Gentlemen’s clubs are about watching and interacting with the show, not creating your own. Leave the dancing to the women working on stage and around the floor. These women are working hard to make their money by dancing for the customers. Distracting the attention of customers can hurt their business, and can potentially get you kicked out of the club.

Treat People With Kindness

If you are a waitress at a restaurant, or work in an industry that relies on tips, you know the pain of being snuffed. Don’t forget to tip your entertainers! Something as small as two dollars can make the night of a dancer. This can also help you get more comfortable with interacting with the show around you. 

If you’re going to sit close to the stage, don’t sit and do nothing. Those seats are for people looking to interact with the dancers. If you don’t want to tip, that’s okay, but keep those seats open for paying customers. Taking a seat from a tipping customer is one of the rudest things you can do at a gentlemen’s club.

It’s also important to remember to treat the dancers with kindness. Remember, they are people too. A few do-nots include:

  • Do not touch the women inappropriately. Just because you are a women, doesn’t mean that the dancers want to be slapped, grabbed, or have their clothing pulled without initiation. 
  • Don’t try to put money where the dancers are not allowing. If your dancer offers you her legs, try to place it in spots that are available to you, like a garter or panty string. Do not try to reach over to place a dollar where it is unwanted just because you think it is funny. 
  • Do not make rude comments about dancers out loud for them to hear. They are people with emotions, and these comments can hurt her business, self-esteem, and work ethic. Women need to be kind to other women.


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