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Tips For Your First Time At A Gentlemen’s Club

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If you are a first time visitor to a Gentlemen’s Club you might want to prepare yourself for what to expect. You may think that as long as you have enough money for the cover charge, drinks and tips all will be well. However, it is often tricky to know all the rules when visiting one of these establishments, so here are some tips for your first time at a Gentlemen’s Club.

What to Expect

Don’t let television put a picture in your mind – Lust is nothing like the clubs you’ve seen in your favorite shows and movies. You should expect to experience a great show and a welcoming party vibe at any Gentlemen’s Club. Don’t be surprised by the amount of security you may see, or specific rules you might have to follow. Almost all clubs have these precautions to allow a safe and happy vibe. Lust’s rules are no exception.

Your First Time

If you’re headed out for the first time to a strip club, there are a few things you should know. Tips like knowing where to sit, what to wear, and how to act can help set you up for success and prevent missteps.


When it comes to strip clubs, it is important to make sure that you find a venue that has a good reputation and is enjoyable for you. It is quite easy to do an online search of reviews from previous visitors and see what others have said about the club.

Cash, Baby

This part of the movies are true. Most Gentlemen’s Clubs deal mainly in cash when it comes to tips, so get those $1’s ready. You’ll want to be sure you have enough cash to pay for the most services, including lap dances and stage shows. Make sure you are respectful with how you exchange those tips as well.

Get In The Mindset

The first time you visit a Gentlemen’s Club can be very overwhelming if you have never really thought about what to expect. The best tips for your first time at a Gentlemen’s Club is that it is just a part of human culture, so it is important to remember that women are there for fun, rather than sexual activity. When you go into this situation knowing that it is normal and natural, you will feel much more confident when talking with other people around you.

Lap Dance Etiquette 

A lap dance is a dance for you to sit and enjoy. Don’t expect any more in the way of sex or sexual favors, this is a performance for you to sit and enjoy. Remember that this is just a chance to look at someone sensual and attractive, not to touch them. You can learn more about proper lap dance etiquette here.

The Do’s and Don’ts You Need To Know

  • Do:
    • Ask questions to staff or security if you are unsure of specific rules (it is okay to explain it is your first time, and people are usually happy to explain the proper ways of their clubs) 
    • ALWAYS be respectful to the entertainers, especially the dancers.
    • Tip your services! However, remember this does not buy you any “extras”
    • Be friendly. A Gentlemen’s Club is the same as any other night club – there is always the possibility of making connections.
  • Don’t:
    • Expect sex or sexually explicit favors. Gentlemen’s Clubs are for entertainment, not physical acts. 
    • Raise your voice or show disrespect to the dancers, entertainers, or servers. 
    • Don’t touch. This is the strictest rule of any club; the dancers are not to be touched in any way and will result in being kicked out of the club.
    • Negotiate. This is a business, not a sales pitch.

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