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Tipping Guidelines for Gentlemen’s Clubs

Whether it’s a bachelor party, birthday, or just a night on the town with friends, gentlemen’s clubs are popular destinations. One of the most important things to consider when going to a gentlemen’s club is tipping the dancers. We know you’ve seen a scene or two in movies and on television, so you may have a basic understanding of how it works. However, even repeat customers have questions in regard to tipping appropriately. You can compare tipping in a gentlemen’s club to tipping at a restaurant: the happier you are with the service, the more you can reflect that in your tip. In case you still have questions, here are a few tipping guidelines for Gentlemen’s Clubs to help you get started.


  • Always be respectful to the dancers who provide you with entertainment. These performers are not objects, they are people, and deserve to be treated with the same respect as you would any other.
  • Don’t negotiate the price. This is the most disrespectful thing you can do at a gentlemen’s club, and the dancers will note that.
  • You are allowed to ask questions. We understand that just because you know the rules of one club, doesn’t mean you know the rules of another. Never assume, no one will be upset with you asking questions.
  • You can look, but don’t touch. This is a universal rule at all gentlemen’s clubs. There should be absolutely no touching, and this can land you in hot water with security. During a private dance, you can ask the dancer’s permission to touch, and they will tell you where is allowed if they allow so.
  • Be polite. We’re all adults here.



For a lap dance, the price of the dance does not include your tip to the entertainer. During your time with the dancer, it is customary to tip her when she is finished, or leaving her some money on the table or floor near where she was dancing. The price of the dance will usually be told to you prior, so you can plan your tip accordingly.

It is the dancer’s body and their decision whether you can give them the tip in some other way, such as handing it to them directly, or placing it into their outfit if they allow so. Please remember your basic etiquettes when doing this.


Tipping varies from one club to another. The best thing you can do is ask if you aren’t sure. As long as you are respectful, tipping tricks won’t be necessary and no one will be offended by an honest question!

All clubs are different. Some allow you to throw the tips directly onto the stage for the dancers to collect and interact with as they perform. In some clubs, they will not let you tip while the dancer is actually on stage. You may have to wait until their performance is over and hand them tips directly. This is also a great time to ask for any private dances after seeing what they can do! 


Making the right tip is sometimes notoriously tricky. It is really hard to know exactly how much to tip, but you may know how much not to tip. While on stage, a few dollars is customary and always appreciated. If you plan to pay for a private show, they will be up front about how much that will cost and you can tip based on a percentage of this if you want to.

A great rule of thumb is: the more you can tip, the better. However, most dancers will be appreciative of anything you have to offer. Before you tip, it is important to think about whether you would be happy to receive the tip you are about to give. The most important thing is that you have a good time, and if the dancer can provide that, show them your appreciation. 


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