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Things No One Tells You About Gentlemen’s Clubs

We all know that there is a side to gentleman’s clubs that doesn’t always get talked about. While they are often associated with entertainment, relaxation, and a night out with friends, there are certain aspects of these establishments that people don’t really discuss in detail. However, it’s these things that can make or break your experience at the club. Interested in what you’re getting into on your first night out? Here are some things no one tells you about gentlemen’s clubs and what to expect.

1. Gentlemen’s Clubs Open Earlier Than You Think

Unlike traditional nightclubs, which tend to come alive in the late evening, gentlemen’s clubs often open their doors much earlier than you might expect. Some establishments welcome patrons as early as lunchtime or early afternoon. This early start time allows guests to enjoy a more relaxed and less crowded atmosphere during the initial hours, making it an ideal option for those looking to unwind after a long day or for a unique pre-dinner experience. It’s a subtle yet significant detail that sets gentlemen’s clubs apart from other nightlife venues.

2. The No-Touching Policy

One of the most important and strictly enforced policies at gentlemen’s clubs is the “no-touching” rule. This policy is crucial for maintaining a respectful and safe environment for everyone. While the dancers may be enticing, it’s essential to remember that it’s their job to be appealing. This doesn’t take away from their personal boundaries. Touching the dancers inappropriately or without their consent is not only against the rules but also illegal in many places. It can definitely be a quick and easy way to get you kicked out of the club indefinitely. 

3. Women Love Gentlemen’s Clubs

Tons of people come to gentlemen’s clubs to meet women. While most are performing on stage, there are also tons of female patrons to meet. Your night out definitely won’t be a sausage fest. Actually, in recent years, there has been a notable increase in the number of women who visit these establishments. Women are drawn to gentlemen’s clubs for various reasons, including celebrating bachelorette parties, enjoying a night out with friends, or simply appreciating the entertainment and ambiance. So don’t worry, there’s definitely the opportunity to bring a new lady home for the night.

4. This Isn’t Coyote Ugly

Here’s another thing: if you think you are just going to bust out some moves on the stage of a gentlemen’s club, please take a moment to reflect on how this makes you look and the vibe it will send to other patrons. We know it looks fun to get up there, show a few moves, and maybe make a few tips. However, patrons are not welcome on stage unless approved by the venue. If you insist on dancing instead of enjoying a drink, there is usually an area for lap dances at most strip clubs where you have a better chance of getting an invitation from one of our girls.

5. There’s Rules To Tipping? Of Course!

While tips are not expected, our performers appreciate them! A few dollars can go a long way. No matter your budget, throwing a few dollars at your favorite performer can help build a relationship between you and that dancer, entice a conversation, and maybe even get you a private dance or two. However, there are rules to tipping. Please do not throw change or coins up on stage. Not only are they a tripping hazard, but can be physically dangerous to the performers. Plus, the bouncers would love to kick you out for doing so.

6. You Can Say “No”

Dancers at a gentlemen’s club can be very persuasive (as they should be!). However, this doesn’t mean you’re entitled to pay for a private dance, or even tip them on stage. If it’s been a while since your last lap dance, or your first private show, you’re allowed to say “no” to certain advances from a dancer. This could be a second dance, touching you when you’re not comfortable, or even a strange conversation from their end. Just as she is allowed to refuse advances, so are you. As long as you’re polite, there is no reason to feel badly about refusing services.

7. Expect Naked Women

This seems like a given… but hear us out. With more and more women making their way to the strip clubs for the night, you should expect at least one or two boobs in your face, legs on your shoulders, or booties in your space. If you’re a woman just looking to take in the vibes, just let the dancers know you’re not interested. You can also invest in sitting at the bar or a private table rather than right up on stage. 

8. The Food Is Fantastic!

You love the wings at Hooters, right? Why not gentlemen’s clubs? It shouldn’t be a surprise just how good the food is! If you’re planning on heading to the strip club tonight, maybe head over a little early to grab dinner. Some clubs, like Lust, even offer steak dishes, fresh sushi and seafood, and other awesome appetizers to snack on throughout the night.

9. Your Waitresses Are Not Performers

It has to be said – not all women who work at gentlemen’s clubs are dancers. While the servers and hostesses are just as beautiful, they do not share tips with the performers on stage. This also means that they do not share the opportunities as performers. The waitresses are not there to accept private dances, touches, or inappropriate conversations. They are also tipped separately, so remember that when they bring you your fourth round of shots.

Things No One Tells You About Lust

Gentlemen’s clubs can be intriguing places, offering a unique form of entertainment for those curious enough to explore them. However, the experience is far more complex than what popular culture portrays. There is so much more than what you’ve seen on television. The things no one tells you about Gentlemen’s Clubs is what makes them the unique experience it is, especially at Lust!

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