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No Ordinary Strip Club Questions

Are you an ALL NUDE club?

Myrtle Beach, SC – No.  We are topless only and have a full liquor license.

Martinsburg, WV – Yes. Lust Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse is an all nude club.

Do you have shuttle service available in Myrtle Beach?

Coming Soon!

Do you have a full menu?

We offer a full menu from sandwiches and delicious char-grilled steaks to luscious desserts.

Is there a dress code?

Yes! Please dress appropriately to our club. This includes:

  • No briefcases, backpacks or other bags
  • No motorcycle cuts
  • No plain white T-shirts
  • No athletic wear

Are women allowed?

Of course! Couples and female guests are always welcome at Lust Gentlemen’s Club, in fact, our female customer base has has increased significantly. It’s not unusual for open minded couples and “curious” co-workers and friends to join us for cocktails and entertainment. 


“Let us all strive to protect the vibe” 

We ALL want to have a great time at Lust Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse.  It’s our job to create a safe and secure working environment for our employees and a safe and enjoyable club going experience for our guests.  We have over 75 security cameras in place to help protect our employees and guests.  

To insure that, please observe the following rules.  

  • No touching entertainers or employees
  • No disrespecting entertainers or employees (remember the vibe)

Leave it at Home

  • No weapons
  • No briefcases, backpacks or other bags
  • No smoking or vaping allowed inside
  • No motorcycle cuts
  • No plain white T-shirts
  • No athletic wear

No Photos Whatsoever.

  • No cameras
  • No facetime
  • No snapchat
  • No lives
  • No selfies, at all.  

Be Nice or Go Home!

  • Know your limits
    • Overly intoxicated customers will be asked to leave the club.  If an overly intoxicated customer refuses our complimentary cab ride home and attempts  to drive away  behind the wheel of their car, our contract security service is instructed to take a picture of your license plate and a copy of the drivers license scanned at the front door to send to the police.  

We have a zero tolerance policy on this. For real.

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