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Is Adult Entertainment for You?

Stripping can be a high-income job that attracts people from all walks of life throughout the world, and Myrtle Beach is no exception. At Lust, we prefer to use the term “dancers” or “entertainers” because really, that’s what they are at our Gentlemen’s Club! The world of adult entertainment is competitive and can be very lucrative if you’re the right person. If you’ve been asking yourself if applying for a job in adult entertainment is the right choice, here are a few things to think about to answer the question: is adult entertainment for you?

1. Do you know how to dance?

You don’t need to know how to bend your legs behind you head, or even do any major fast movements, but having rhythm is a basic requirement. It is important to know how your body moves and be aware of how you may look while dancing with little clothes on. It may help to watch a few movies to get some staged ideas, but the best learning experience is to go to a Gentlemen’s Club and see for yourself!

2. Can you sell yourself as a brand?

If you are looking to become a stripper, make sure you have a signature move and ‘brand’ that will set you apart from the others. Having an attractive body is not all you need. It is important to be committed to working hard, learning as you go, and creating a charm that sets yourself apart from the rest. Learn how to captivate the audience’s attention through your unique moves, performance and attitude.

You want to put on a memorable show that is fun, interesting and reflective of your brand. Don’t forget that costumes and makeup are part of this package, so choose ensembles accordingly.

3. Are you comfortable?

Are you a 100% comfortable with this line of work? A great way to test this is that if you can’t write down that you’ve worked as a stripper in your resume, then it could be a sign that this job is not for you. You need to feel comfortable and confident if you’re thinking about becoming an adult entertainer!

At Lust, we make it a priority to ensure our dancers are comfortable and taken care of so they feel confident coming to work. It is important to find a place you feel comfortable walking into every time you have to work.

4. Are you a good conversationalist?

You’ll need to talk to your clients sometimes, so the best thing to do is maintain a friendly and professional attitude throughout the process. And yes, some clients may try to ask you personal questions, so be ready to respond accordingly without offending them.

Your clients are most of your work, so establishing a relationship with them is a great idea. They are paying you to be their company and entertain, so keeping a conversation is very important. You can even play this into your “brand” mentioned earlier. Want to be known as the jokester? Or maybe a dominant figure? Don’t be afraid to come up with something that can help the amusement of your performance. It’s a great way to be intimate and create a connection with your clients. 

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