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Gentlemen’s Club Fun Facts

Alright, listen up! We all know that when it comes to gentleman’s clubs, there’s a whole other side that’s usually kept hush-hush. Sure, they’re all about the entertainment, the chill vibes, and a legendary night to remember, but let’s be real. There are some gentlemen’s club fun facts that rarely get the attention they deserve. From regular etiquette to some common myths you may have heard from television, there are plenty of things you may be unsure about, or even completely unaware of. So if you’re prepping for a night at Lust Gentlemen’s Club, you may want to know some of these hard facts.

Gentlemen’s Club Etiquette 

No Touching Means No Touching

One golden rule at gentlemen’s clubs that you absolutely must follow is the “no-touching” policy. This rule keeps things fun and respectful for everyone. Sure, the dancers are there to entice and admire, but it’s their job to be mesmerizing. Remember, they still have personal boundaries. Getting handsy without permission isn’t just a big no-no—it’s illegal in many places and a surefire ticket to getting booted from the club. And trust us, our security isn’t afraid of confrontation.

Keep Your Performances At Home

You might want to reconsider if you’re thinking of heading on stage and showing what you’ve got. We get it, the stage is right there, but we promise it’s not worth the trouble. Plus, having people on stage can be a huge safety risk for not only the entertainers but also the patrons. Our girls know their territory, but it’s pretty easy to walk right off the side of the stage.

If you’re itching to dance, most clubs have special areas for lap dances where you might just score an invite from one of our lovely dancers. So, sip your drink, enjoy the show, and leave the stage antics to the experts!

Tips for Tipping

Tips are never expected, but they are always appreciated! We’re in America, which means tipping culture shouldn’t be a shock to most. However, we’re not asking you to throw a band on stage for the girls (although they might really appreciate that). A little can go a long way, and the dancers on stage work hard for their talents. No matter your budget, a few dollars to your favorite girl of the night can make you feel part of the action. Plus, it might just start a conversation, leading to a private dance or two. 

What you might not know is not all money is appreciated on stage. Stray away from throwing things with weight on stage. Coins and change are a huge hazard to the dancers and can hurt or injure dancers if thrown too hard. However, if you’re looking for a one-way ticket to the parking lot and getting banned forever, be our guest!

“No” Goes Both Ways

Most dancers at the club are just as eager as you are. However, you’ve got the right to say no as well. Consent goes both ways after all. Just looking to grab a few drinks and a show? Maybe you’re stopping by for an event or meeting up with friends. You have the right to tell a dancer no if she comes up to you and offers a dance, or even tries to stay by your side. Just remember to be polite – they’re just doing their job.

Gentlemen’s Club Myths Debunked

We Open Earlier Than You Think

The movies make it seem like people only go to a gentlemen’s club after dark. However, the truth is most clubs open their doors before lunchtime! In fact, some think this is the best time to go. An early start means less crowding, drink specials, and a more relaxed environment. We promise the girls are just as beautiful.

Women Are Always Welcome

While it may not be your first thought for a girl’s night out, women are always welcome at a gentlemen’s club! In fact, the number of female patrons at gentlemen’s clubs has increased substantially. It seems women enjoy a show too. So if you’re looking for your next date night, or just a night out with the girls, why not a gentlemen’s club? 

Nudity Is Kind Of Expected

Okay, we know this sounds kind of stupid to mention, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know this. If you’re thinking of heading to a gentlemen’s club, expect to see some skin. Lust Myrtle Beach is a topless club, meaning you might not see full nudity, but you’re definitely see more than you expect! 

While we cannot tell the girls to get dressed, if you’re looking for a more laid-back experience, a private room or seat at the bar is a great way to get away from the show without leaving the vibes of the club.

Waitresses Are Not The Same As Entertainers

We know all the women who work in gentlemen’s clubs are beautiful. However, it has to be said – not all women in the club are entertainers! Waitresses and bartenders at the club do not share tips with the dancers and offer their talents to ensure you’re cared for throughout the night. So while it may be tempting, do not ask the waitresses for a private dance or attempt to touch them inappropriately. So remember to tip you waitresses too, especially after that third round of drinks. 

Don’t Knock The Food!

Speaking of food, did you know that most gentlemen’s clubs are known for their food? It’s true – and Lust is no exception. This isn’t one of our gentlemen’s club fun facts, but it’s definitely worth noting! Instead of heading to a restaurant before the club, why not just eat here? Our legendary Ultra Gentlemen’s Club is known for delicious char-grilled steaks, house-smoked BBQ, scratch-made pizzas, and our custom-crafted cocktail program. Check out our full menu.

Gentlemen’s Club Fun Facts at Lust

As the only Ultra Gentlemen’s Club in Myrtle Beach, we’re anything but ordinary. It’s a whole new level of intrigue and excitement, way beyond what you’ve seen on TV. But here’s the kicker – there’s a whole bunch of stuff about these places that nobody talks about, and that’s what sets them apart for an unforgettable experience. Especially when we’re talking about Lust!

Get ready for a VIP Night with your crew for your next night out. We’re ready to blow your mind and create the adult entertainment experience of a lifetime at Lust. Book your party with us at Myrtle Beach Lust Gentlemen’s Club or give us a call at 843-839-LUST.

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