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Gentlemen’s Club Experience for First-Timers

Oh, we get it! Visiting a gentlemen’s club for the first time can be quite a nerve-wracking experience. All those wild stereotypes and exaggerated depictions from pop culture can mess with your expectations. We understand if you’re not exactly jumping for joy at the thought of going, especially if your buddies are dragging you along. Not everyone is dreaming up their gentlemen’s club experience for their first visit, but hey, maybe they should! 

Television brings the idea of strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs to the extreme. Rest assured that reality is a whole different ball game. So if you’re planning your first visit to a gentlemen’s club, here are our tips for the true gentlemen’s club experience for first-timers.

The Do’s & Don’ts for First-Timers

Even gentlemen’s clubs have rules. The most important thing to know going into your night at the club is what you can and can’t do. Yeah, we encourage you to have the time of your life, party like a rockstar, and enjoy the beautiful women, but remember to do it respectfully. So here’s our list of do’s and don’ts for your first-time gentlemen’s club experience.


Have fun!

Duh! You’re planning a night out with beautiful women, great drinks, and mood music, of course, we want you to have fun. Let your hair down and your fantasies run wild. Just be sure to check your attitude at the door and remember the right attitude can make or break the night.

Bring enough cash

We’re not asking you to bring your entire life savings, but you’re going to spend money at the club. Whether it’s a few drinks at the bar, one of Lust’s delicious steaks, or tipping your favorite girls on stage, you may have quite the bill by the end of the night. With bottle service, VIP tables, private stages, and more, you’ll be living your best life in no time. And let’s not forget the exceptional company of gorgeous women – of course, that kind of quality comes at a price. But who needs credit cards or ATMs when you can pay with good old cash? Trust us, it’s just way more convenient.

Tip appropriately

We know we already mentioned money, but it’s worth mentioning again. If you’re not in the habit of tipping generously at restaurants or bars, it’s time to break that streak, especially when it comes to the hard-working entertainers at gentlemen’s clubs. Remember, they’re professionals too, so tips are always appreciated for their hard work and talent.

Check the dress code

At gentlemen’s clubs, the atmosphere is so classy and extravagant that you better bring your A-game when it comes to outfits. Because let’s be real, looking absolutely stunning guarantees you a whole lot of attention without even needing to flash your cash. Still, most clubs do require a slight dress code, including no hats, plain white t’s, or large backpacks indoors. Check out Lust’s dress code here.

Respect the entertainers and the staff

Sure, the entertainers are flaunting their gorgeous bodies and the club staff is bending over backward to cater to your every whim, but let’s not forget that they are all working professionals who deserve nothing but respect. So tip like a decent human being, don’t make outrageous demands, and keep your voice down when chatting with the staff or security. If you can’t keep your behavior in check, don’t be surprised if you find yourself unceremoniously kicked out of the club.


How are you getting to the club? Who is driving? What time do you want to go? Planning is the best way to ensure your first-time experience is perfect. Make sure you know what services you’re interested in before you get there, including private dances, bottle services, VIP tables, and more. Plus, planning means less stress, and that’s what gentlemen’s clubs are all about!



We cannot stress this enough. You can look, but do not touch. Even if it’s just a shoulder squeeze, always make sure you ask permission before touching the entertainers. If you do decide to break this most important rule, don’t be shocked when you’re swiftly kicked out the door. Keep it classy, folks. Here’s a little insider tip for you: if you’re looking for some physical interaction, it might just happen more smoothly with those private dances. 

Take pictures or videos inside the club

Trust us, we’ve got our own media team to take photos. In most cases, photography or recording is a big no-no. While some clubs like Lust may have designated photo ops, by no means should any of your selfies include the entertainers without strict permission. So here’s a revolutionary idea: keep that phone of yours tucked safely away in your pocket and live in the moment!

Bring Weapons or Drugs

Clubs pride themselves in the safety of not just their staff, but also other patrons. So don’t be shocked when you have to step through a metal detector before even entering the club. If you’re found with any kind of contraband, don’t expect to get fully inside. Think of it like this: only bring what you can bring on an airplane. No liquids, no drugs, and absolutely no guns or other weapons.

Get into a fight

We’ve got security for a reason, and trust us, they’re much stronger than you. No roughhousing, no aggressive moves, and for the love of all things, no trash-talking. We’re not looking for any WWE reenactments here, thank you very much. If any sign of conflict or physical violence so much as rears its ugly head, consider yourself on the fast track to getting evicted from this fine establishment. Our security is trained not only to kick you out but also to call the police if necessary.

Gentlemen’s Club Checklist for Lust Gentlemen’s Club

Not everything you see on television is real. You’ll realize that after taking one step into our ultra gentlemen’s club in Martinsburg. Don’t let the stereotypes of strip clubs or run-down cabarets give you your first impression. Instead, experience the amazing atmosphere for yourself. Make the memories that you deserve by seeing for yourself what Lust Martinsburg has to offer. Even if you’re not particularly interested in the world of gentlemen’s clubs, wouldn’t it be better to have your first experience be the best rather than settling for less?

Get ready for a VIP Night with your crew for your next night out. We’re ready to blow your mind and create the adult entertainment experience of a lifetime at Lust. Book your party with us at Martinsburg Lust Gentlemen’s Club or give us a call at 304-267-LUST.

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