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If you take your nightlife seriously, a visit to a gentleman’s club is at the top of your bucket list. However, just deciding to go to a club is just the beginning of planning your night out. Gentlemen’s clubs come in all shapes, and sizes – from the glitz and glamor of a first-class club to the casual, sexy laidback topless bar. Each one is a world unto itself with its own rules, customs, and etiquette. Here’s a quick rundown of full nude vs full bar clubs to help solidify your adult night out.

Non-Nude Clubs/Bikini Bars

Bikini bars are a great place to meet new friends, flirt with the servers, and grab a quick drink. They’re typically small, local establishments where you can grab a beer and maybe some food (if they serve it). In most places, the dress code is relaxed. Usually, you’ll see the girls wearing a barely-there bikini or Daisy Dukes.

Non-nude clubs usually feature scantily clad dancers that perform solo dances, or group dances for their patrons. However, if you’re looking for a strip tease or topless lap dance, you won’t find them here. These types of clubs are more for the environment than entertainers, even though they are still a large part of the draw.

Topless Bars & Full Bar Clubs

While topless clubs are usually common in most states, in West Virginia, you will never find a full-nude and full-bar club. In fact, in many states, a gentlemen’s club can other one or the other, but not both. Because of this, if you’re looking for a club with a full bar, you’re going to want to focus on topless clubs near you. One example would be our sister club in Myrtle Beach which offers a full bar with beautiful topless entertainers all day long. 

To break it down, topless bars and full-bar clubs are the best of both worlds. They offer more nudity than a Bikini Bar while still offering a full bar for you to enjoy and drink the night away. You will find all your favorite gentlemen’s club perks as well. These include lap dances, private dances, stripteases, and more from the performers.

Full-Nude Clubs

These types of adult entertainment venues are exactly what they sound like a club where the dancers are not wearing anything at all. Expect to pay more money than you would typically spend at a strip club; it will be worth every penny to see some of the hottest girls in their birthday suits. Touching is not allowed in these establishments, and there will often be no alcohol served.

However, some full-nude bars offer VIP experiences with bottle service. This may be bottles that come with the package such as a specific vodka or champagne. This can be the best part of your full-nude club experience: it allows you a private area, VIP treatment from some of your favorite performers, and the perfect place to sit and watch the full-nude entertainment

Best Full Nude Gentlemen’s Club in Martinsburg

Lust Gentlemen’s Club is your go-to full nude gentlemen’s club in Martinsburg. Watch some of the hottest fully-nude strippers anywhere perform on stage, enjoy a delicious menu of food, drink incredible liquor, and relax in our VIP suites – all while feeling like the ultimate rock star.

Get ready for a VIP Night with your crew for your next night out. We’re ready to blow your mind and create the adult entertainment experience of a lifetime at Lust. Book your party with us at Martinsburg Lust Gentlemen’s Club or give us a call at 304-267-LUST.

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