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A Day in the Life of a Cocktail Waitress

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A waitress or waiter in Myrtle Beach is an important part of any dining establishment. They take orders from guests, serve food and drinks, and clean up tables when the restaurant closes. Most waiters and waitresses in Myrtle Beach work at a full-service restaurant, bar or party venue but some can also be found at events like conferences and weddings. A day in the life of a cocktail waitress can be a party from start to finish at Lust.

Waking Up

Preparing for work is just the regular process of getting ready for any job. It involves taking a shower, getting into the uniform, having a much-needed fix of coffee to fuel for the day and then head to the restaurant to get started.

The Typical Morning Shift

A typical shift can depend on whether you’re working in the morning or an evening shift. If it’s a morning shift, then setting up for breakfast is the first task of the day and then taking customers over to their tables when it’s time to open. Make sure to ask guests if they’d like a tea or coffee before getting them the hot breakfast they came in for. These small interactions with guests are really important.. The attentiveness is what customers value most about a waitress/waiter. To help with that, it’s your responsibility to ensure that every guest you interact with has everything they need and are happy with the food they’ve paid for.

The Evening Shift

When it comes to serving food and drinks in the evening shift, it’s important that we make sure that the guests are happy. Before you serve their food, ask them if they want anything to drink and whether there’s anything that they don’t like on the menu. If there is something special in mind for a guest, go ahead and recommend it to them as well. As you do this, remember to smile and make eye contact at all times.

Keeping Safe

Staffing is everything in the restaurant business. The servers and bartenders are the ones who keep customers coming back, and of course it’s essential to have a solid restaurant team. And that team is only as good as its shoes. It is important to be aware of your surroundings, especially when everything is happening so fast in Myrtle Beach. So, how do waiters and waitresses cope with long shifts? A good pair of shoes is essential to ensure comfort and support throughout a busy shift.

End of Shift

At the end of the night, help clear up the tables and then set up for breakfast to do it all over again. To prepare for the following day, make sure that you get enough sleep to be fully prepared for another long shift. Then, the process repeats the next shift the following day. It’s clear that a lot goes into being a waiter or waitress in a busy restaurant. 

Waiting tables is a tough job. It can be stressful at times, but it’s also rewarding knowing that your hard work is appreciated by patrons. In a day in the life of a cocktail waitress, you may feel like you’re going out of your mind trying to keep up with the orders coming in. To make sure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan, you have to stay focused and organized. A lot goes into ensuring that every table is satisfied and that no precious food is wasted.

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